Asthma Clinic


239 Oxford St. East
London, Ontario


Telephone: 519-433-2242
Fax: 519-645-7565

The Children's Asthma Clinic

Our Program

The Children's Asthma Clinic is a private clinic located in London, Ontario and is dedicated to asthma care. We offer services of diagnosis, education and on-going management for asthma. Our Director, Dr. Brian Lyttle, Paediatric Respirologist, is associated with Children's Hospital.

Admission to the clinic is by referral only for children up to age 18 years.

Our Team

Our health care team is dedicated to providing high quality care for asthma as well as other chronic respiratory diseases.

Team photo available soon.

What to Expect

Your first visit will last about 30 minutes. It includes a review of your health history, a physical exam, a pulmonary function test and sometimes skin testing will be performed.

If you have tests that you want reviewed then you should make sure that the referring physician has sent them, or that you bring them with you.

Read below to find about more about each step of the visit.


When you first come to the clinic, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. This asks about your health history, risk factors for various diseases, medications and previous tests.

Physical examination

This includes height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate.

Pulmonary function testing

For patients who are old enough to understand instructions (usually 6 years old or older), we do pulmonary function testing.

For these tests, the patient is required to take a deep breath, place a cardboard tube in their mouth and blow out.

Skin testing (allergy testing)

If needed, we do allergen testing by placing a small drop of liquid test material on the forearm and 'pricking it'. There is no blood and we do not use the word 'needle'.

Patient doctor discussion

The doctor then interviews the patient and parents. The child is encouraged to answer the questions, rather than the parent. This is important to help the child's comfort level in the office, as well as their long-term understanding of their disease. The parent will be asked similar questions afterward.

Please Note:

  1. If the patient is on Advair or Symbicort, we ask the patient not to use the puffer on the day of the visit. This is because these medications have a 12-hour bronchodilator in them and they make the pulmonary function test more difficult to interpret.
  2. If the patient is having a skin test (allergy test) then they cannot have taken any type of antihistamine as follows:
    1. Short acting antihistamines such as Benedryl or chloramphenamine within 72-hours of the test
    2. Long acting antihistamines such as Claritin, Reactine, Allergra, or Aerius (or their generic versions) within 1-week of the test