Bleeding Disorders Program

Hemophilia Ontario - South Western Ontario Region

Hemophilia Ontario – South Western Ontario Region is one of the regional offices of the Canadian Hemophilia Society. In existence since 1956, our mission is to improve the quality of life for all people affected by hemophilia and related bleeding disorders and to find a cure. We seek to support and provide services to families living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders at all stages of their lives.  See also

Our Objectives

  • To encourage and support research that will continue to improve care and to find a cure
  • To collaborate with the local Bleeding Disorders Program to ensure high standards of care
  • To help those affected gain access to information, educational materials and peer support
  • To increase public awareness of bleeding disorders
  • To advocate for the right to good health for people with bleeding disorders

Our Activities

  • A summer camp that provides a safe environment for our children to experience the fun of camping while learning about their bleeding disorder
  • A quarterly newsletter produced in conjunction with the local Bleeding Disorders Program
  • Assist individuals and families who need help to purchase special equipment
  • An Annual General Meeting with educational workshops
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • On going programs to provide peer support and education