The Kids on the Block


The Kids on the Block

The South Western Ontario Bleeding Disorders Program would like to introduce our newest team member – Nicholas Murphy. Nicholas is a life size puppet with hemophilia that performs with The Kids on the Block Puppet Troupe.

The Kids on the Block Educational Puppet Troupe features life size puppets, who through the magic of live puppet theater teach children and adults about disabilities, medical and educational differences and social concerns.

The Kids on the Block Program on Hemophilia was developed in conjunction with Bayer Pharmaceuticals to help address various issues associated with having hemophilia. This program is designed to educate children and adults about bleeding disorders and some of the functions of blood, to encourage sensitivity to others who may have a difference, to discuss treatment, to address adult over-protection and to correct some of the myths and misconceptions about hemophilia.

Recently, The Kids on the Block Puppet Troupe at Thames Valley Children’s Centre (the regional children’s treatment centre located in London, Ontario) acquired Nicholas Murphy through a generous donation from Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Canada. Nicholas, his friend, Joanne, and other members of the troupe are available to perform the hemophilia script at schools and other community events throughout the region, free of charge. Following each performance, children in the audience are given the opportunity to ask their own questions directly to Nicholas and his friends.

To date, the Kids on the block have performed the hemophilia script at two elementary schools in the Windsor area, are scheduled to perform at the SWOR Annual General meeting in March and at Pinecrest Adventures Camp in August. If you are interested in having the kids on the Block perform in your community please contact the Bleeding Disorders Program at 519-685-8500, extension 53582. Please allow plenty of time to arrange bookings as The Kids on the Block has a very busy performance schedule.