Bleeding Disorders Program

Women and Bleeding Disorders

Many people are not aware of the prevalence of bleeding disorders among women and may believe that prolonged bleeding occurs only in men. An inherited bleeding disorder is a lifelong condition in which blood doesn't clot normally. The majority of women who have a bleeding disorder are not yet diagnosed. The most common bleeding disorder, affecting up to 1% of the population, is von Willebrand disease. However, women can be affected by several different bleeding disorders including Von Willebrand disease (VWD); platelet defects; Hemophilia A, or B and other more rare clotting deficiencies.

Common symptoms of bleeding disorders in women

Icon WomanHeavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding

Icon CrossEasy bruising

Icon ToothProlonged bleeding after dental procedures

Icon BabyAbnormal bleeding after childbirth

Icon NoseFrequent and prolonged nosebleeds

Icon DropAbnormal bleeding after surgery or trauma

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