Medical and Humanitarian Missions

LHSC staff and physicians have a proud legacy of volunteering their time, expertise and compassion to help others around the world. We invite you to read more about many of these incredible staff and physicians and the work they are doing to improve health across the globe.

Rebuilding from Hurricane Maria

Porter Jeff Davis travelled to the village of San Lorenzo in Mororvis, Peurto Rico to help rebuild several months after the devasation and descrtuction of Hurricane Maria.

Mission to Haiti life changing, team building

A group of orthopaedic physicians and nurses from LHSC made a difference in many lives in their seven-day mission to Haiti - a country still devastated by the 2010 earthquake.

Four years, two London doctors, one surgical first in Peru

Thanks to Dr. Jorge Burneo (neurologist) and Dr. David Steven (neurosurgeon), a journey that started in 2008 resulted in a surgical first in Peru with the two physicians acting as advisors during the country’s first epilepsy surgery – a left temporal lobectomy.

Extraordinary People at LHSC improve health around the world through volunteerism

A sample of some of the many ways our staff and physicians have volunteered their personal time to better the health of individuals across the world.

Helping others a transforming experience for two sisters

Exchanging lab coats and uniforms for shovels and wheelbarrows, Linda Pera, a lab assistant in pathology and her twin sister, Kim Riordon, a dental assistant in the dentistry department, traveled to Cochabamba, Bolivia to help build homes.

LHSC staff join others from across the globe to help in Haiti

The 7.0-magnitutde earthquake that hit Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010 brought about immediate relief efforts from organizations and individuals around the world, including staff and physicians from LHSC.

Medical Mission to Mongolia

The city of Ulan Bator, Mongolia didn't know what to expect when 14 LHSC physicians, nurses and staff members arrived for a 10-day medical mission—the first Canadian team ever to travel to Mongolia on an entirely self-financed trip for the sole purpose of administering world-class cardiac care.