Q&A - 54 Riverview Ave

Interior Renovations & Parking Lot Construction

  1. What is the scope of the work? (Parking lot, interior renovation, etc.)
    This project will include interior renovations and construction of parking spaces. The interior renovations include upgrading some existing finishes, adding new walls and doors, and upgrading the HVAC mechanical system. Outside, there will be a new parking lot added to the east side of the building and updates to the existing landscape design as per consultation with the Riverforks Community Organization and City of London site plan approval.

  2. When will the work start at the site and how long will it last?
    Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin at the end of April 2015 and will last approximately six months. The parking lot construction will take about three months and will overlap with the interior renovations that will last up to six months.

  3. Has everything reasonable been done to reduce the amount of time the exterior construction will take?
    Yes. With the timeline to get required for permits and approvals, coupled with the scope of the work required to build a new parking lot and underground storm water holding tank, a three-month window is a reasonable estimate for how long this work will take.

  4. Who is overseeing the renovation/construction work?
    LHSC has selected Southside Group as the successful contractor, following a competitive bidding process. LHSC’s Facilities Management team will oversee the project in conjunction with Southside Group.

  5. What kinds of work will the interior renovation(s) and exterior work encompass?
    The interior renovation will include new flooring, walls, doors, millwork, kitchen, laundry, mechanical and electrical work and washroom renovations, and an overall patch and paint. The exterior will include a new parking lot and underground storm water holding tank.

  6. Will there be a lot of noise in the neighbourhood during the renovation?
    Neighbours can anticipate typical construction noise, particularly during the construction of the new parking lot. This will consist mainly of machinery during the day for excavation.

  7. What hours will construction and renovations be taking place?
    All construction work will be conducted during the normal hours of operation as per the City of London bylaws (7am until 6pm) from Monday to Friday. Currently no weekend work is anticipated unless it becomes necessary to adhere to project timelines, in which case the required approvals from the City of London will be obtained.

  8. What kind of traffic can I expect during the renovations?
    There will be trade vehicles and some machinery traveling to-and-from the facility during the renovation. Construction traffic will fluctuate depending on the required construction activity. We will work with the contractor to mitigate the dirt and dust created by this activity as much as possible.

  9. Will construction vehicles be using one or both streets to access the site (Riverview and Evergreen)?
    Depending on the area where work needs to occur, vehicles will access the site from both Riverview and Evergreen.

  10. Will there be hoarding (fences) erected around the site, and/or signage around the site?
    We will be working with the contractor to understand what hoarding will be required to meet the legislated safety protocols for this work. Ideally, LHSC hopes to use the existing fencing but will work with Southside Group to ensure safety requirements are met around the construction zone. Minimal signage may be erected by Southside Group.

  11. Will utilities and services (water, sewer, gas, hydro, etc.) be disrupted during the work?
    The specifics of the work are still being developed, but if any disruption of residential services is required a communication will be sent out in advance to neighbours to explain the nature and duration of the disruption.

  12. Where will workers park, and how many workers will be on-site?
    The parking lot off of Evergreen will be used by the trades and construction vehicles until the new parking lot is constructed, at which time there may be additional use of this new lot. LHSC will ask the contractor to ensure that workers do not park on the street. The number of workers will vary depending on the type of construction activity and how many trades are required, but will average about 20 at any given time.

  13. Will there be a construction trailer on-site?
    There will likely be a construction trailer located at the back of the property off of Evergreen Ave.

  14. How many different vendors will be on-site? (i.e. paving, telecom, general
    contractors, etc.)

    There is one general contractor (Southside Group) and approximately 20 sub- contractors will be used that include plumbing, electrical, carpenters, flooring, excavators, lock smiths, building automations, etc.

  15. How will you be ensuring the safety of those who use the path (cyclists, runners, etc.)?
    Construction activity and traffic flow will be concentrated ahead of the path entrance onto Riverview Ave to mitigate impact to the cyclists and runners. We have ensured that Southside Group is aware of the high volume of pedestrians and cyclists in the neighbourhood. Southside will follow legislated safety requirements for active work sites (such as using flag men if machinery vehicles are entering/exiting the site.)

  16. How will the site be secured after construction hours?
    Fencing will be used to keep people from entering the construction site.

  17. Where can I go for more information or if I have concerns about safety, noise, etc?
    If you have questions or concerns about the construction please call London Health Sciences Centre’s Facilities Management at 519-685-8500 ext. 57402 and your call will be redirected to the most appropriate person.

  18. Once renovations are complete, what programs will be moving into the building?
    LHSC’s Adult Eating Disorders Service and CMHA-Middlesex Transition Units will be moving into the building upon completion. The move-in schedule has not yet been determined.

  19. When will a decision be made on the PEPP program moving in to the facility?
    Funding needed to support the PEPP relocation to 54 Riverview Ave has not been identified. We remain hopeful, but are currently assessing other options for the facility that would be a good fit with the services there and the community setting. We will be sure to keep you updated as soon as any decisions are made in this regard.

  20. Will more construction be required once PEPP (or a different program) are ready to move in? Why not wait and do all required construction at once?
    It is expected that more internal construction will be necessary in order to prepare the building for any other clinical group. We have decided to proceed with construction for the Adult Eating Disorders Service and CMHA-Middlesex apartments at this time as we have approved funding and want to make use of the facility.