Universal masking is required at LHSC facilities. View our current COVID-19 measures.

Tips for Kids and their Caregivers during COVID-19

The information provided in this tip sheet is for reference only. It is not intended as a recommendation or endorsement of organizations, news sources, policies or political parties, or as a comprehensive resource list.

These resources are intended to support you in starting a conversation with children about COVID-19 and its current impact on daily life.  

Parent and Caregiver Resources: Learning about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Children’s Health Coalition launches new campaign to help parents get up to speed on the COVID-19 vaccine for kids

How to Support Children through COVID-19: Tip Sheet for Parents

Information from Canadian Pediatricians: Guidance for supporting children and teens through stressful public events.   

Trusted Answers from The Hospital for Sick Children’s COVID -19 Learning Hub

Elementary and Secondary Schools- Information and tips for families from the Middlesex-London Health Unit

Preparing for a Hospital Visit during COVID–19

Personal Protective Equipment: Learn more about PPE from our friends at CHEO.

Visiting the emergency department (ED) with your child can be overwhelming, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when hospital procedures have changed. Here are resources to help prepare for your child's next ED visit. 

Resources for Children and Families with Chronic Illness or Disabilities 

Chronic and Complex Pain: You can find Digital Pain Management Tips (Solutions for Kids in Pain) to help stay healthy and manage pain at home and support resources from The Comfort Ability ®

Rheumatology: Our friends Cassie & Friends have some helpful resources to keep kids/families living with juvenile arthritis and other rheumatic diseases connected to the information and support they need during this time. Please note that psychosocial specialty services like Child Life continue to be available to all families visiting LHSC hospitals during this time.

Child Bright has curated resources for children and families with disabilities including things like virtual social skills groups for children aged 4-14. 

Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times: This includes resources, social stories, and tools for caregivers supporting children with autism. (Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute) 

Resources for Kids

Video - LHSC's Child Life Presents: Physical Distancing Explained for Kids

Video - LHSC's Child Life Presents: Hand washing

Podcasts for Kids from ‘Brains On’ explore various topics like “How Scientists are helping to stop the Coronavirus” in an engaging way with scientific evidence; from our friends are NPR. 

Child Bright has curated resources for children and families with disabilities including things like virtual social skills groups for children aged 4-14. 

For young children, Sesame Street offers videos, resources and activities to support healthy habits such as hand washing

Understanding social distancing can be challenging for younger children. Explore this online book with young children to learn more about it.  

Playmobile® has created a short video that explains COVID-19, physical distancing and activity ideas. It is great for older school aged children (8-12 years)

Coronavirus Activity Book and Colouring Book created by Together, St.Jude’s Research Hospital

There are a variety of books available that utilize child-friendly language to explain coronavirus. 

Children under 6 
School Aged Children (9-12) (free download located at the bottom of the webpage) 

Activities to Engage Children at Home or In Hospital

Child Life Services is working to bring children virtual play opportunities at their bedside. If you are a current inpatient, you can find out about the daily activities from your care providers or by connecting with your Child Life Specialist

There are lots of community helpers providing virtual opportunities for children at home and in hospital! Check them out below:

  • Home Safari with the Cincinnati Zoo, daily at 3:00 pm EDT
  • Camp Ooch Activity Hub
  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willem
  • DQ has shadow puppet tutorials, games, colouring pages, and conversation starters! 
  • #DrawwithRob: daily videos that guide children through art activities
  • Games and Activities based on Ontario curriculum from TVO Kids
  • Learn with the Smithsonian: Science, History and STEM activities for kids and teens

For other at-home activity ideas, check out Playworks.