Rollout of vaccine

Please note: The provincial vaccination program at the Western Fair District Agriplex is for individuals with pre-booked vaccine appointments only. Unfortunately, no walk-ins are being accommodated at this time. At an unknown later time, this will be expanded by the province. To learn more about eligibility criteria, please visit the Ontario Government's "COVID-19 vaccines for Ontario" page. If you have any questions, please contact the Ministry of Health.

The Province of Ontario is focused on providing vaccines to the most vulnerable populations first in Phase 1 of its provincial rollout – which were identified and recommended by medical experts and the provincial COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force – followed by immunization for the broader general public.

Local responsibility for this unprecedented COVID-19 mass vaccination program rests with the public health units (Middlesex-London Health Unit, Southwestern Public Health, and Huron Perth Public Health), who are guided by the provincial program under the direction of Retired Gen. Rick Hillier and the Ministry of Health. 

Please visit Middlesex-London Health Unit website for a list of who is currently eligible.

Delayed second dose

The province announced a shift on March 5 to increase the interval between first and second COVID-19 vaccination doses to 112 days. In alignment with this direction, the Middlesex-London Health Unit has advised that all second dose appointments will be booked up to 112 days out, except for those in long-term care and retirement homes.

Increasing the gap between two-dose vaccines to four months is supported by National Advisory Committee on Immunization. NACI has considered evidence from recent scientific studies on efficacy and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in preventing various health outcomes such as infection, symptomatic disease, hospitalizations and death from COVID-19. NACI recommends that in the context of limited COVID-19 vaccine supply, jurisdictions should maximize the number of individuals benefiting from the first dose of vaccine by extending the interval for the second dose of vaccine to four months. We recognize this shift in timing may cause concern. It’s important to remember that this change is based on scientific evidence, and will create opportunities for protection of the entire adult population within a shorter timeframe and contribute to health equity.