Rollout of vaccine

Please note: The provincial vaccination program at the Western Fair District Agriplex is for individuals with pre-booked vaccine appointments only. Unfortunately, no walk-ins are being accommodated at this time. At an unknown later time, this will be expanded by the province. To learn more about eligibility criteria, please visit the Ontario Government's "COVID-19 vaccines for Ontario" page. If you have any questions, please contact the Ministry of Health.

The Province of Ontario is focused on providing vaccines to the most vulnerable populations first in Phase 1 of its provincial rollout – which were identified and recommended by medical experts and the provincial COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force – followed by immunization for the broader general public.

Local responsibility for this unprecedented COVID-19 mass vaccination program rests with the public health units (Middlesex-London Health Unit, Southwestern Public Health, and Huron Perth Public Health), who are guided by the provincial program under the direction of Retired Gen. Rick Hillier and the Ministry of Health. 

Please visit Middlesex-London Health Unit website for a list of who is currently eligible.

Delayed second dose
The delay of a second dose due to low vaccine supply to a maximum of 42 days is supported by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization as a pragmatic approach to maximizing the number of individuals benefiting from a first dose. While vaccine efficacy studies were not designed based on 42-day intervals, it is not believed this change will impact the overall effectiveness of the vaccine.