Visitor Policy

During the pandemic, LHSC will update its family/caregiver presence and visitor restrictions policy based on the most recent guidance from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, and community transmission rates. LHSC is temporarily limiting family/caregiver presence and other visitation as we respond to COVID-19 in order to maintain a safe environment for patients, families, and staff. This includes accompanying patients to appointments. These changes align with the recommendations from the Ministry of Health.

We kindly ask that all family members, caregivers, and other visitors read the updated Visitor Policy before coming to the hospital.

The policy explains the criteria and pre-approval process for those wishing to accompany a patient to an appointment, or visit a patient in-hospital.

At this time, all family caregiver presence and other visitation requests must be pre-approved. Please contact the medical team for a request to visit or accompany a patient. Approvals cannot be granted at the screening desk when you arrive at the hospital. 

Help us keep LHSC safe.

Family/caregivers who have received approval to accompany or visit a patient will be required to: 

  • Pass the screening criteria at the visitor entrance. If a potential visitor fails the most up to date screening criteria, they will be restricted from entering. In addition to presence of symptoms, family/caregivers will not be permitted to visit if they have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days.
  • Wear an ID badge while in hospital that will be provided at the screening desk, which identifies that they have been screened and the current date.
  • Wear a mask or other personal protective equipment and perform hand hygiene as directed by the entrance screening desk or clinical unit.

Family/caregivers are not permitted in hospital for patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, due to the extremely high risk to patients, staff, and visitors. Virtual visits for these patients will be supported using technology such as iPads. Please see the Request a Virtual Visit section for more information about this program and to request a visit.

LHSC values the role of family members and other care providers as essential partners in care delivery. Patients and their substitute decision-makers are best suited to determine who constitutes a ‘caregiver’ and who might otherwise be a welcomed ‘visitor’. LHSC remains committed to patient and family-centred care and will make every effort to ensure that the needs of patients and families are met while these temporary measures are in place.