Visitor Policy

Update Mar 31, 2021: As the London region has moved back into the provinces Red zone, regular daily visits for in-patients will be suspended beginning April 1st (excluding Children’s Hospital). Details are below.

University Hospital and Victoria Hospital

For Out-Patient accompaniment, clinical staff will determine when care partners are essential based on: (a) need for patient safety (e.g. patients who are experiencing a mental health crisis that the care team believes could be supported by having an essential care partner present), (b) need to enable patient care (e.g. patients with development or intellectual disability that requires support), or (c)  compassionate reasons (e.g. when disclosing life changing diagnosis/prognosis)

Units experiencing a local outbreak of COVID-19 may further limit visitation. Speak with your care team for more details.




No accompaniment to out-patient appointments is permitted at this time unless the Physician determines it is essential

Emergency Department

No accompaniment unless the clinical team determines it is essential


One designated care partner may visit when clinical team determines it is essential


Patients who present to the OB Triage will be allowed to have one designated care partner accompany them for their assessment and throughout their stay if they proceed with labor and delivery.  This person is to be the person who will stay with them for the duration of their stay.  There will no in and out switching privileges.


Patients who are imminently dying may have two care partners visiting at a time. More than two care partners can be identified but the number of care partners coming to hospital in a day may be limited by local leadership.

When permitted, patients (or their substitute decision-makers if they are incapable), will identify one designated care partner. The team will communicate directly with them regarding when they may visit and for how long.

Children’s Hospital



Children's Outpatient

One designated care partner may accompany the child to each appointment.

Children's Inpatient

Two designated care partners can be in hospital daily (not at the same time)

Children's Other

Physicians and Leaders may approve of exceptions if deemed appropriate (e.g. in circumstances where a child is critically ill)

*Care Partners may be Parents, Guardians, or other care providers