What to Expect

When you are diagnosed:

The first phase of your diabetes education will be completed in the Teaching Room in the Paediatric Medical Day Unit (PMDU) on the 1st floor. You will be asked to come to the PMDU each day at 7:30 a.m. 

You should expect to stay until afterinner (6:00 p.m.) This phase is generally completed within 2-3 days. The child/teen with diabetes will have meals and snacks served by the hospital. The cafeteria is available for other family members.

You will meet with the members of the diabetes team including: 

  • the physician
  • nurse
  • dietitian
  • social worker
  • child life specialist. 

Some of the skills you and your family will need to learn include:

  • understanding what diabetes is
  • how to give insulin
  • blood glucose / blood and urine ketone testing
  • dietary guidelines
  • diabetes and daily routines
  • when to call the diabetes team

On-Going Regular Clinic Visits

  • Write down your questions
  • Write down significant changes since your last visit
  • Keep your diary (blood glucose, insulin doses, food intake) up-to-date
  • Check your supplies for the number of repeats left on the prescriptions and write down what you need refills for
  • Please bring all your meters and your diabetes log book.

During Your Visit

  • Let the unit clerk staff know who you need to see
  • Ask questions
  • Let us know if our suggestions will not work
  • Write down answers to your questions
  • Ask about upcoming programs, new developments
  • Ask the physician for any needed prescriptions for diabetes supplies

After Your Visit

  • List the changes that were recommended
  • Make the changes
  • Inform the doctor/nurse/dietitian/social worker about the results of the changes as needed
  • Inform family members of the changes being made
  • Contact your diabetes nurse or doctor if you have any concerns or questions and to assess how the changes are working