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Dr. Raymond Kao

Research finding could improve odds for soldiers wounded in battle

Soldiers wounded on the battlefield could have a better chance of survival and experience fewer complications thanks to a groundbreaking discovery made by Dr. Raymond Kao, a scientist at Lawson Health Research Institute, attending physician in the Critical Care Trauma Unit at London Health Sciences Centre's Victoria Hospital and Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine (Critical Care) at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario.

In a research study reported in September, Dr. Kao found that a hormone produced by the kidney, when combined with saline, improved blood flow and tissue metabolism better than saline alone. "You always want to find ways to improve the resuscitative process, so I am looking at one aspect of that in order to improve a soldier's survival rate and decrease complications if a soldier is wounded in battle," says Dr. Kao.

"We are looking at something that a soldier or medic can easily give without a lot of fanfare that can save somebody's life. That's what I find so exciting about this research."

Dr. Kao, the principal investigator for the study, worked with four other scientists on the research project, which was funded by Canada's Department of National Defence. Dr. Kao, a Lieutenant Commander with the Canadian Forces, served in Afghanistan in the fall of 2007 as an internal medicine specialist. He also participated in a humanitarian mission to provide medical services to the citizens of Central and South America for five weeks.

Dr. Kao continues to serve as an active-duty officer while dividing his time between deployments and training courses. He has served in various battalions and units as a Medical Officer since 1991. A member of the military since 1977, Dr. Kao has served in Bosnia, Africa and the Middle East.

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