concluding message

from Doug Alexander,
Chair, Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of London Health Sciences Centre is made up of 12 volunteer members elected from the community and seven members appointed ex officio. Our role is to provide oversight through three main duties: the selection and oversight of the chief executive officer, providing input into the preparation of a strategic plan, and monitoring the performance of the organization and the implementation of the strategic plan.

Elected members of the Board are selected on the basis of their skills and competencies in fields such as general management, accounting, law, human resources, technology and marketing communications. The selection process is very deliberate. We welcome individuals who have a set of skills that will help us to govern the hospital effectively and who can also provide advice and support for management.

The ex officio members of the Board are the President and Chief Executive Officer, the Dean of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario, the President and Vice President of the Professional Staff Association, the Chief of Staff and the Board Chairs of London Health Sciences Foundation and the Children's Health Foundation.

The Ontario Hospital Association produced a Guide to Good Governance for the boards of Ontario's public hospitals. Using this excellent resource, the Board is moving forward to implement many of the best practices it contains.

In recent years, the Board has been preoccupied with financial issues facing London Health Sciences Centre. This year, as a result of progress on our financial issues, we welcomed the opportunity to balance our focus on cost of care with that of quality of care.

We monitor key quality measures and participate in ongoing activities to enhance our awareness of quality of care strategies and initiatives of the hospital. At recent Board meetings, we reviewed the hospital's process for the credentialing of the medical professionals granted privileges at LHSC and monitored various initiatives to manage access and waiting times. We also regularly review progress on strategies to improve outcomes and reduce infection rates.

It is also important for those of us serving on the Board to have an appreciation of the patient care experience. This year, I had the opportunity, with Board First Vice Chair Bob Siskind, of spending half of a day in the operating theatre observing surgery. We sincerely appreciated being able to observe the activities of the operating room team.

It is a privilege to serve with my fellow Board Members in support of the work of London Health Sciences Centre. I wish to warmly thank the leaders, staff, physicians and volunteers of the hospital and our Foundations for your outstanding commitment.

In closing I wish to personally thank the members of the Board for giving so generously of their time, sharing their considerable experience and knowledge and above all, working together in a collegial and constructive manner for the benefit of our community.

Doug Alexander
Chair, Board of Directors

London Health Sciences Centre
Board of Directors 2007-08

Doug Alexander, Chair

Paul Andrews

Monique Bertrand

Helen Connell

Wes Dunn

Glenn Hardman

Carol Herbert

Ian Herrick

Bernice Hull

Peter Johnson, 2nd Vice Chair

Brent Kelman

Jeff Low

Cliff Nordal

Bill Peel

Brian Semkowski

Mithu Sen

Marilyn Sinclair

Bob Siskind, 1st Vice Chair

Gerry Wheaton


A moment together

Patient Christine Agar enjoys a moment of sunshine on an early spring day at LHSC's Victoria Hospital with father Larry, mother Helene and boyfriend David Sooklal. Christine is a student at Lambton College in Sarnia and a patient of the London Regional Cancer Program.

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