London Health Sciences Centre, a university teaching hospital, is committed to improving health. Building on our tradition of leadership and partnership, we champion patient-centred care, a spirit of inquiry and discovery, and a commitment to life-long learning.


Excellence in Patient Care

Achieve excellence in patient-centred care through the use of best available evidence in everything we do.

A highlight:

Critical care outreach teams are providing critical care support beyond the Intensive Care Unit for high-risk patients at LHSC. In partnership with teams on the hospital's inpatient wards, critical care outreach teams aim to provide supportive care in all patient care areas. This lowers admissions to the ICU by providing earlier intervention, which ultimately has been shown to decrease the number of in-hospital cardiac arrests.

Integrated Research, Care and Education

Distinguish ourselves through integrated research, patient care and education.

A highlight:

In September, LHSC's Health Sciences Library helped to launch the Western Ontario Health Knowledge Network (WOHKN), a partnership betweenlibraries at The University of Western Ontario and affiliated hospitals. Through the network, healthcare professionals have increased electronic access to evidence-based health information, enhancing education, research and evidence-based clinical practice at partner sites. The network spans 29 sites and serves approximately 18,200 staff and physicians.

Progressive Workplace

Be a progressive workplace that lives its mission, vision and values.

A highlight:

In January 2007, LHSC set a goal of hiring 450 full time and part time nurses to fill nursing positions throughout our hospitals. To reach this target, LHSC participated in career fairs and conferences inside and outside Ontario, offered a relocation reimbursement program, and advertised extensively on a variety of websites. By March 31, 2008, LHSC had successfully recruited 506 nurses. This initiative is helping to optimize access to patient care.

Evolving Role

Together with our community and partners, strengthen our role in the evolving integrated health care system.

A highlight:

LHSC takes an active role in regional partnerships aimed at enhancing patient care services in Southwest Ontario. Together, London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph's Health Care, London have an operating relationship resulting in the most integrated hospital system in Ontario. In 2007, LHSC and St. Joseph's jointly created a new integrated senior leadership role in planning and operational improvement.

Complete Restructuring

Complete restructuring/renewal directives.

A highlight:

On August 31, Infrastructure Ontario, London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph's Health Care, London released a joint Request for Proposals to qualified firms to build and finance hospital redevelopment projects. At LHSC, this project involves the completion of shelled-in space in the North Tower at Victoria Hospital and renovation of existing space. In February, LHSC initiated $14 million in other renovations at University Hospital and Victoria Hospital.

Align Resources with Priorities

Establish priorities and align the pursuit and allocation of resources with priorities.

A highlight:

This year, LHSC launched a process to review its strategic directions and confirm related priorities. The resulting strategic plan will define work priorities and guide hospital activity for years to come. The plan will include measurable goals to facilitate performance monitoring.

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