Life Changing Moments


feature stories

A crisis during childbirth for a young family… the diagnosis of a mental illness in a troubled young adult… the shattering effects of a loving father's motorcycle accident… read about the life-changing moments of these patients in this Annual Report.

  1. At Any Given Moment

    Life goes on within and around us
  2. Highlights of the Year

    A Conversation with Cliff Nordal, President and Chief Executive Officer
  3. Strategic Directions

    Marking progress toward our goals
Life After Near Death
  1. Life After Near Death

    Life changes in an instant on an evening motorcycle ride
  2. Keeping on Track

    Renowned sport medicine clinic helping injured athletes to come back
Fighting for Life
  1. Fighting for Life

    Overcoming life-threatening complications at birth
Maybe That Could Be Me
  1. Maybe That Could Be Me

    Recovery an inspiration to patients with mental illness
  2. Building the Future

    New surgical technologies inspiring innovation
  3. Setting the Pace

    Cardiologists using virtual reality to implant pacemakers
  4. Advancing Surgical Practice

    Cardiac surgery team achieves another Canadian first
  5. Statistics

  6. North American First

    Cardiologists first to implant advanced monitoring device
  7. Reaching the Unreachable

    Commemorating the 50th anniversary of a breakthrough in neurosurgery
  8. Discovery and Innovation

    Charting our achievements in advancing medicine everywhere
  9. Improving the Odds

    Soldiers wounded in battle may one day benefit from research finding
  10. An Unexpected Finding

    Walkerton study yields new insight into the effects of drinking too much water
  11. Halting Cancer Metastasis

    New ways to fight cancer may one day be based on new research findings
  12. concluding message

    Message of Doug Alexander, Chair, LHSC Board of Directors