Chair of the Board of Directors Bob Siskind
“LHSC is committed to transparency, accountability and engagement with our communities.”

2009 – 2010 Board of Directors

Mr. Doug Alexander
Mr. Paul Andrews
Dr. Ron Butler
Mrs. Helen Connell
Mrs. Ruthe-Anne Conyngham
Dr. Christopher Fernandes
Dr. Carol Herbert
Mrs. Bernice Hull
Mr. Peter Johnson
Mr. George Kerhoulas
Mr. Bob Lawless
Mr. Michael Lerner
Mr. Cliff Nordal
Mr. Bill Peel
Mr. Brian Semkowski
Mrs. Marilyn Sinclair
Mr. Bob Siskind (Chair)
Dr. Rita Suri
Mr. Gerry Wheaton

Message from the Chair of the Board
of Directors

This year’s report to the community highlights what’s in the DNA of London Health Sciences Centre – the dedicated, compassionate and innovative care provided by the staff and physicians. As the Chair of your Board of Directors, I am extremely honoured to be associated with this hospital and its long tradition of caring and innovating.

Like all public hospitals in Ontario, governance at LHSC is provided by a volunteer Board of Directors. This group of individuals represents a cross-section of community members committed to advancing health care in London. Last year, each member of the Board dedicated 20 to 40 hours a month to fulfilling our stewardship and governance objectives in support of the hospital.

Commitment and dedication to LHSC are also demonstrated by the 800 volunteers serving patients and their families. From the moment a patient arrives at London Health Sciences Centre, they experience understanding and compassion from any one of our front line volunteers. In 2009/2010, these dedicated individuals contributed 90,000 hours of service to LHSC. From answering questions at our information desks, guiding patients and families to their appointments, and running our gift shops, LHSC volunteers have been enhancing patient care since 1924.

This year, the Board of Directors approved a Strategic Plan for 2010 to 2013. This plan sets out the corporate priorities for the next three years. Through the achievement of our strategic goals, LHSC will continue to lead in the advancement and delivery of health care into the future.

LHSC is committed to transparency, accountability and engagement with our communities. Last June at the annual general meeting for LHSC, a motion was passed to establish a community advisory council. This is a significant governance change, and one we hope will encourage community engagement. We are ending our 2009/2010 year in a balanced position and have managed to correct our working capital deficit position despite the fact that it has been a difficult year for health care budgeting across the province and the country.

In January, Cliff Nordal announced his retirement as President and CEO of LHSC. On behalf of the Board I would like to thank Cliff for his leadership, dedication to the excellence of our organizations and steadfast commitment to more integrated health care in the community. The LHSC Board of Directors remain committed to supporting hospital integration in the community into the future.

As my two-year term as Board Chair comes to a close, I have many people I would like to thank: the staff, physicians, students and volunteers for their commitment to health care; my fellow Board members and incoming Board Chair Peter Johnson for their dedication to health care governance; and the community for its support of our hospital and the people who work here. I appreciate all those who contribute to the caring and innovation that has been and always will be a part of LHSC’s DNA.