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Title: Treatment Effectiveness of an Early Identification and Intervention Program for Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Late Adolescents and Young Adults.

Description: In our primary study, we are evaluating the clinical and cost effectiveness of the First Episode Mood and Anxiety Program (FEMAP). This study evaluates our program and the results could help inform health care delivery practices within the community and across the province. 

Title: Functional neuroimaging of intrinsic hemodynamic networks in bipolar disorder, unipolar depressive disorder, and healthy controls: Finding a biomarker for bipolarity.

Description: By comparing people with depressive symptoms, we hope to learn more about how to treat them effectively. The purpose of this study is to look at how brain networks function in healthy people and people who have depression from different kinds of mood disorders and to see if we can use these differences to distinguish between disorders that cause depression and, therefore, determine the best treatment. 

Title: Youth Perceptions of Dignity in Mental Health Care.

Description: The purpose of this qualitative interview and focus group study is to determine how youth facing mental health challenges and seeking mental health care understand and define human dignity. Specifically, the goal is to develop a conceptual framework that describes human dignity from the perspective of young people living with common mental illnesses, including mood and anxiety disorders. 

Title: COVID-19: Monitoring Emerging Adults with Mood and/or Anxiety Disorders

Description: We aimed to understand the experiences, symptoms, and functional changes of our emerging adult patients following the implementation of restrictions during the global pandemic and as restrictions reversed. Data has been analyzed and manuscripts are in submission.