Bay 6:  The Extended ICU

Bay 6, or the Extended ICU (EICU), is a designated area within the Medical-Surgical ICU with the purpose of caring for patients who are stable and require more consistency and routine to meet patient and family goals of care.

The purpose of this part of the unit is to manage patients who still require life support technology, however need more of a focus on one or more of the following:

  1. rehabilitation
  2. a consistent approach to slow weaning from the ventilator
  3. supporting patients and families with a prognosis of ventilator-dependence

The focus of care within EICU is dependent upon the patient’s wishes and goals of care. The goals of care may include establishing routines of advancing mobility and independence through rehabilitation, weaning and the management of chronically ventilated patients, or reducing monitoring requirements so that the patient is ready for transfer to another facility.

A patient can be moved to Bay 6 when they no longer require the intensive monitoring of the main Medical-Surgical ICU. However, the patient’s need for life support technology or monitoring means he or she must remain in the ICU. Patients will stay in Bay 6 until they no longer require this monitoring, at times this can be several weeks to months. 

The consistency of approach by a smaller team will often benefit the patient. For example, regular routine can help manage the sleep/wake cycle, allowing for a better quality of sleep and rest.

Bay 6 Medical Team

The ICU consultants, RNs and RRTs rotate between the main Medical-Surgical ICU and Bay 6. The physiotherapists and nutritionist support this area as well.

The one new face you will meet in Bay 6 is our Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS. The CNS is the case manager for this part of the unit and provides continuity for patients and families during the patient’s stay in Bay 6.

Patient/Family Updates in Bay 6

Walking bedside team rounds for patients in Bay 6 occur weekly. Each member of the team sees the patient daily, and care plans are revised as needed. 

Like the MSICU, the bedside nurse is the best resource for day to day updates.  If you would like to talk with the consultant looking after your loved one, please let the bedside nurse know.

Shortly after transfer to Bay 6, the CNS will call the SDM and organize an initial family meeting to review care plans, address questions, etc.  There are regular updates organized after this initial meeting, initiated by the team or family members.

If you have family members/loved ones unable to attend a meeting in London, we can organize meetings to include a telephone conference calls as well