Tissue Culture


  • TISC

Turnaround Time: 

  • Routine: 4 days
  • STAT: Gram Stain 1 hour 

Alternate Name(s): 

  • TISC


  • Electronic Order

Specimen Type:

  • Biopsy*
  • Bone*
  • Conjunctival Scraping
  • Corneal Scraping
  • Medical Device (Specify)*
  • Tissue*
  • Tissue Orthopedic*

*Indicate Body Site when placing order

Collection Information:

  • Place tissue (1 gram or 1 cubic cm) in a sterile container (Orange cap) with 1-2 mL of sterile saline if needed to prevent desiccation or use a Single eSwab (White cap) transport tube (do not include swab).

Collection Device:

White top eSwab device
Orange top sterile container
Orange top sterile container 


  • Microbiology

Method of Analysis:

  • Microscopy, Culture

Test Schedule:

  • Daily

Storage & Shipment:

  • The specimen must be stored at room temperature. The specimen must be received within 24 hours of collection.


  • Excessive amounts of tissue require considerable manipulation by Microbiology staff to set up for culture and the sterility of the specimen may be compromised, affecting the accuracy of the patient report.