Oncology Practice Guidelines

The Oncology Clinical Practice Guidelines have been written to provide the most current evidence-based research, best practice and information in the treatment of adult cancer at LRCP.


The application of these guidelines must take into account the specific needs of your organization, practice environment, available expertise and the needs and wishes of your patient.


Guidelines are not a “cookbook”, but used as a reference and/or tool to assist in clinical decision-making for planning and delivering individualized patient care. The guidelines may also serve as a resource when developing policies, protocols, procedures, educational materials, programs, and assessment and documentation tools.


The LRCP Disease Site Council agreed to adapt the Minimal Clinical Requirements as recommended by the European Society for Medical Oncology (2005) to provide structure to the clinical practice guidelines.


The Clinical Practice Guidelines listed here are those developed to date. As further guidelines are developed and/or revised the list will be updated.


The guidelines are listed according to each Disease Site Team.

"These guidelines are statements of consensus of the Disease Site Teams and/or the Supportive Care Resource Group regarding their view of currently accepting approaches to treatment. They are not intended to replace the independent medical judgment of the physician in the context of individual clinical circumstances to determine any patient's care or treatment."




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