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Medical Genetics Program of Southwestern Ontario

London Health Sciences Centre is prioritizing all care to the support and management of patients who may need hospital care for COVID-19.This means that all non-urgent clinics and non-urgent appointments are suspended until further notice. This allows prioritization of care for urgent cases, and to help control the spread of the virus and infection. If you are a referring physician, only urgent referrals are being reviewed. Please call switchboard at 519-685-8500, and press 0 and ask to page the Medical Geneticist on call to determine if this is an urgent consult.

Genetics Team

The Medical Genetics Program provides clinical care to the population of southwestern Ontario seeking clinical, biochemical, cytogenetic, and molecular genetic diagnostic services. The program also participates in clinical outreach for genetic services in Windsor, and Northern Ontario.

Our program includes the Medical Genetics clinic, the Metabolic clinic and the Cancer Genetics clinic. The Medical Genetics clinic provides clinical services for preconception, prenatal, pediatric, and adult on-set genetic concerns. The Metabolic Genetics clinic provides clinical services for newborns, children, and adults at risk for, or affected with, inherited metabolic diseases. The Cancer Genetics provides clinical services for individuals who are at risk for inherited forms of breast, ovarian, and colon cancer syndromes.

Services available include: