Prenatal Genetics Clinic

Individuals seen through the Prenatal Genetics Clinic receive comprehensive genetic counseling which includes a discussion of the management options available to them. Diagnostic testing including CVS and amniocentesis are available as appropriate. The clinic also offers screening procedures such as Integrated Prenatal Screening and ultrasound.

Appropriate referrals to the Prenatal Diagnosis Clinic include:

  • Women with positive Non-Invasive Prenatal Screen
  • Women 40 years or older at the time of delivery
  • Pregnancies with an NT measurement of 3.5 or more mm
  • Individuals affected with or with a family history of:
    • Singe gene diseases
    • Polygenic and multifactorial conditions
    • Chromosomal abnormalities, numerical or structural
    • Biochemical disorders
    • Birth defects of unknown cause
  • Pregnancies with identified ultrasound abnormalities
  • Pregnancies with a known chromosome abnormality
  • Parental consanguinity
  • Recurrent spontaneous miscarriages (3 or more) where major gynecological or obstetrical causes have been excluded
  • Pregnant women who have been exposed to potentially harmful substances (drugs, alcohol, radiation, chemical, infectious agents) should be referred to FRAME (Fetal Risk Assessment from Maternal Exposure)

To make a referral, please fax the following information to:

(519) 685-8214 (London

  • Reason for referral including any relevant documentation and investigations performed to date
  • Copy of ultrasounds, if available or LMP if an ultrasound has not yet been performed
  • Most recent blood group and type on a laboratory report  

    Prenatal Referral Form (pdf)

    **Referring physicians will be contacted with the appointment time.

We welcome physician inquiries at (519) 685-8140.

Patient Information

Prenatal diagnostic testing procedure (pdf)

Prenatal testing in pregnancy (pdf)

Maps & Directions

The Medical Genetics Program of Southwestern Ontario is located at:

London Health Sciences Centre

Victoria Hospital

Zone B, Level 5 (North Tower)

800 Commissioners Road East

London, Ontario 

For driving directions to Victoria Hospital and a detailed site map, please vist the corporate section for maps and directions


Prenatal Guide for Women 
Reference Guide for Health Care Providers