X-ray (Radiology)

University Hospital Directions

  • Enter hospital through the main entrance
  • Take main elevators to 2nd floor and check in at Radiology/X-ray  (C2−200)


Victoria Hospital Childrens X-ray Directions

  • Children, 17 years and under, report to the Ultrasound/Children’s X-ray Reception area on Level 1
  • Enter through building D either under or through the glass walkway off Commissioners road
  • Through walkway – go straight to the elevators in front of the cafeteria.  Take elevators to Level 1 and follow signs to Ultrasound / Children’s X-ray
  • Under walkway – As you come through the entrance there is a hallway slightly to your left.  Follow it to the elevators and go down to level 1
  • Follow the signs to Ultrasound / Children’s X-ray
US PAeds Xray


Victoria Hospital Adult X-ray Directions

  • Check in at Level 2 outpatient Radiology. The most direct route is to park in P1 Parking lot off of Commissioners road and enter the hospital through the C entrance. You are now on Level 2. Follow the signs to Radiology reception (room C2 – 100)
Xray Reception