Traumatic Stress Service

Who We Serve

For clients, aged 18-64, who have experienced acts of violence (personal or witnessed), emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse, severe neglect, catastrophic events such as motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, or war-related trauma and are currently suffering from vivid, distressing memories, nightmares, intrusive memories, anxiety and/or panic, depression, anger and/or irritability, shame and guilt, low self-esteem, self destructive behaviour. Exclusion criteria includes: organic etiology, forensic involvement, substance abuse and psychotic disorders.

Services Provided

Outpatient treatment only and uses a phase oriented approach which includes group and/or individual therapy. Group therapy provides education about trauma related difficulties and skill-building in the areas of stabilization strategies, mindfulness, emotion regulation and healthy relationships. Time limited individual therapy is available for clients who would benefit from processing traumatic experiences.

Treatment Team

A specialized multi-disciplinary team consisting of nursing, occupational therapy, social work and a psychiatrist is available for consultation.


Students and staff in health sciences at LHSC including the field of medicine, nursing, occupational therapy and social work. Continuing education will be offered to primary physicians and other health care providers.


Neuroimaging to demonstrate the effects of trauma on the brain. Efficacy of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic approaches.

How to contact Trauma

  • Your family doctor or a walk-in clinic may make a referral by completing a Coordinated Intake referral form with a comprehensive history summary and faxing it to the Coordinated Intake Mental Health Service. Your family doctor or walk-in clinic are able to access and/or contact the Coordinated Intake Mental Health Service on your behalf.
  • Community referrals made by your family doctor or a walk-in clinic for all Traumatic Stress Services are scheduled through the Coordinated Intake Mental Health Service.
  • Self referrals are not accepted.