Patient Clinical Trials

Clinical research studies have been vital in helping advance knowledge of anti-rejection drugs and new transplant procedures. Participation in a research study is voluntary and based on a personal decision. Many patients decide to take part in an effort to help advance medicine.

Before giving their consent to participate, patients receive information about the research, including the procedures involved, the risks, potential or expected benefits, and known side effects. Then, if they wish to proceed with the study, they must sign their "informed consent."

Many studies completed at LHSC are part of larger national or international clinical trials in which researchers work together and pool their information. Our clinical researchers have assisted with numerous drug studies by documenting and analyzing data about organ rejection and medication side effects. Regardless of whether it is a local study or part of a larger trial, our patients are invaluable in helping us find answers as we attempt to continually improve patient care.

Transplant patients and potential recipients can speak with their transplant coordinators for more information about possible participation in clinical research studies.

Clinical Trial