Transplant Teams

The healthcare professionals employed with the Multi-Organ Transplant Program at London Health Science Centre are organized into a number of transplant teams, according to organ.

Transplant Teams
Living Liver
Deceased Liver
Living Kidney
Deceased Kidney

The mandate of each transplant team is to provide a patient-centered forum where the collective, integrated knowledge and expertise of all interdisciplinary healthcare members plan, develop, implement and evaluate comprehensive transplant care for their patient population. Each of the skilled healthcare professionals who make up the transplant team take a personal interest in answering a patient's questions and taking care of his or her medical needs.

The team compositions vary, but are represented by the lead medical co-directors, medicine and surgery doctors, recipient coordinators, advanced practice nurses, nurses, pharmacist, social worker, and a nutritionist.

Each transplant team conducts Patient Rounds where individual cases are prospectively reviewed and a comprehensive plan of care is determined. The team shares and updates the plan at various stages with the patient and family all through their care journey with the Multi-Organ Transplant Program.