Referral for Liver Transplant Assessment

Please note: As a result of the ongoing shortage of donated organs, the Multi-Organ Transplant Program can only offer transplantation services to patients who are full-time residents of Canada (Canadian citizens or those with landed immigrant status) who have current coverage with the provincial health insurance plan (OHIP).

If you are a physician with a patient who might benefit from a liver transplant, please fax the following information to the Liver Transplant Team at 519.663.3858:

  • summary of patient’s illness and past medical history, investigations, laboratory results, U/S, CT scans, endoscopy/colonoscopy findings, medication list, height, weight
  • patient demographics, including health card, address & phone number

We will contact the patient directly to schedule an outpatient assessment, which will be done over several days. A copy of the patient’s assessment schedule will be faxed to your office.

If the patient is in a hospital or very ill, please contact the on-call hepatologist at 519.685.8500 to discuss possible transfer to London Health Sciences Centre.