Dean's Award of Excellence

On May 29, 2008, the Multi-Organ Transplant Program received the 2008 Dean's Award of Excellence - Team Award. The winning team was selected from nominations put forward by department chairs or a peer group. This award is a recognition of the tremendous amount of time and energy this Program devotes to making Western a stimulating and rewarding place to work.

At the awards ceremony, Dean Herbert commended the Transplant Program for excellence in academic endeavour, with exceptional performance in research, education, administration, innovation, and public service.

"For the past three decades, the Multi-Organ Transplant Program has been a model of academic and clinical success. The Program is a truly multi-disciplinary group comprised of physicians and scientists, together with allied health personnel in nursing, pharmacy, social work, occupational and physiotherapy, nutrition, and psychology. The group's strengths include research and training in transplantation, immunology, and inflammation, as well as in the areas of innovative surgical techniques.

Not only have thousands of patients been cared for and undergone successful transplant procedures, but the Program's visionary approach and research contributions have led the way in Canada. The Multi-Organ Transplant Program has been a pinnacle of excellence in London for many years."