Referral Guidelines for Heart Transplant Assessment

If you are a physician and feel that your patient has end-stage organ disease and could benefit from an additional assessment, you may refer him or her for a consultation with London Health Science Centre's Multi-Organ Transplant Program (MOTP). Patients may be referred from the London region, the province of Ontario, or from across Canada.

Please review the provided referral guidelines for the specific organ type (heart, kidney and kidney-pancreas, liver) before contacting the MOTP about your patient.

Please note: As a result of the ongoing shortage of donated organs, the Multi-Organ Transplant Program can only offer transplantation services to patients who are full-time residents of Canada (Canadian citizens or those with landed immigrant status) who have current coverage with the provincial health insurance plan (OHIP).

If you are a physician with a patient who might benefit from heart transplantation, please fax the following information to the Cardiac Transplant Team at 519.663.3858:

  • summary of patient’s illness and past medical history, investigations and laboratory results
  • patient demographics, including health card, address & phone number

We will have one of our transplant cardiologists review the information and make arrangements to schedule either an initial clinic visit with the cardiologist or schedule an inpatient assessment, which will be done over about a week.

If the patient is in a hospital or very ill, please contact the on-call cardiologist at 519.685.8500 to discuss possible transfer to London Health Sciences Centre.