2016 President's Award for Innovation

Congratulations to Dr. James Howard and Dr. Brent Lanting, recognized for their innovative approach to hip replacement

January 17, 2017

Dr. Brent Lanting and Dr. James Howard
2016 President’s Award – Innovation

Dr. Brent Lanting and Dr. James Howard are Surgeons in the Orthopaedic Surgery Program at University Hospital. They were nominated for this award in recognition of a new approach to total hip arthroplasty they have introduced to LHSC, using an anterior approach technique. 

The anterior approach technique, which allows surgeons to use one small incision on the front of the hip, spares patients from the muscle and tissue trauma which occurs in traditional surgery. Drs. Lanting and Howard are among the few surgeons in Canada using this surgical approach to hip replacement, and the benefits to patients are demonstrating themselves through faster and more effective recovery, improved mobility and function, and increased patient satisfaction. Patients are now discharged from hospital same-day or following an overnight stay, as opposed to a stay of several days often required following traditional surgery methods. This provides tremendous benefit to patients while also helping to facilitate improvement of access and flow. 

“Innovation is such an important part of health care,” said Dr. Lanting. “We all desire to optimize patient outcomes and the patient standard of care where appropriate. If we can improve our patient’s outcomes by making a change, it certainly compels us to make this step forward.”

Both physicians were acknowledged for their collaborative approach in developing the framework for the success of this new pathway, ensuring that each member of the team was included, providing their expertise and sharing best practices for their respective disciplines. 

Said Dr. Howard, “we are so fortunate to have wonderful support from our team. Our secretaries Denise and Sandra keep us on track and the nurses, physiotherapists and surgical colleagues we work with truly make it possible for us to continue to expand use of this technique in our practices.”

One of Dr. Lanting and Dr. Howard’s nominators for this award shared, “This program successfully implemented at LSHC has provided an opportunity to be the national leader and champion of the outpatient/rapid recovery direct anterior approach total hip arthroplasty. To develop and implement such a program, both Dr. Howard and Dr. Lanting have invested energy and commitment as they were firm believers of its potential success and the positive impact it would have on patients…Their enthusiasm has a positive effect on not only the patients and families, but all who participated in the development of the pathway.”

Drs Howard and Lanting