A lifetime of contribution, Mary and Gord Vair

April 15, 2016

Mary and Gord Vair have been volunteering throughout their lives. Mary remembers her first volunteer experience from as early as when she was five years old, “My father always encouraged us to contribute to society,” she says. Volunteering at LHSC since 2006, Mary will be receiving her 10 year pin during National Volunteer Week. 

She is a guide at Victoria Hospital and also in the Lab at London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP), and Gord, a volunteer since 2007, assists with new patient orientation at LRCP. They both work the same morning, but in different areas. “We see each other on our break, and I always bring Mary hot water,” says Gord. “We are making a positive difference together.”

Both enjoy the connections they make with patients and staff and they enjoy seizing the opportunity to calm the nerves of patients and visitors. “It’s amazing how a small connection such as a quick tour or pointing to Tim Horton’s can lighten the load for people.”

Mary and Gord Vair