Back to School Safety

September 1, 2017

On Tuesday, Sept. 5 thousands of children and young adults are heading back to school. Sidewalks, crosswalks and roads will be busier again as summer holidays come to an end.

With the excitement of back to school, we ask drivers to be extra vigilant as youngsters especially, are less cautious on sidewalks and roads.

It is a good reminder to avoid distracted driving, which is anything that takes your mind, eyes, or hands away from the task of driving,  increasing the risk of a crash.

Distracted driving is not only talking or texting on a cell phone. Other forms of distraction also have a major impact, including eating, changing the radio station, or putting on make-up.

Even a few seconds of distraction can be the difference between seeing a child running onto the road and stopping your car safely, or being unaware and injuring that child.

Back to school is an exciting time for many. Let’s keep everyone safe on the roads!