Celebrating LHSC’s 2019 Nursing Award recipients and nominees


June 13, 2019

Each May, National Nursing Week serves as an opportunity to recognize nursing professionals for the many contributions they make to the well-being of Canadians. During this important awareness week, LHSC also takes the opportunity to celebrate the best of the best among our nurses with its very own Nursing Awards program that recognizes outstanding individuals or teams across five categories.

Up to two winners are selected for each award category. Should nomination volumes permit, one winner is selected in each category for nurses who work at Victoria Hospital and one winner is selected in each category for nurses who work at University Hospital or any of our satellite locations.

Congratulations go out to all of this year’s deserving award recipients and nominees!

Excellence in Nursing Practice
This award is presented to a nurse who:

  • Consistently practices patient-centred care, and is engaged in direct caregiving
  • Demonstrates the skills and abilities of effective teamwork, teaching, coaching and mentoring
  • Shares knowledge, best practices, and new ideas and approaches with others
  • Demonstrates great integrity, ethics, and adherence to professional standards
  • Demonstrates accountability and acceptance of responsibility of one's own actions and decisions

UH recipient – Cheryl Cook, Charge Nurse, Venous Access Support Team
VH recipient – Maghen Clifford, RPN, Medicine D ACE

  • Heather Ashton, RN, Vascular/Cardiology
  • Sandra Acosta, RN, Medicine D ACE
  • Gabby Caballero, RN, 4th floor Medicine
  • Kathy Cook, RN, 10 Inpatient SAMU/Palliative Care
  • Heather Davidson, RN, Post Anaesthesia Care Unit
  • Lianne Dowler, RPN, Medicine D ACE
  • Sylvia Girouard, RN, 5th floor Outpatients
  • Jennifer Glover, RN, Medicine A SAMU
  • Brenda Hutton, RN, Orthopaedic Clinic Outpatients
  • Anne Leandro, RN, Medicine A SAMU
  • Susan McDonald, RN, Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Emily Mellick, RN, Victoria Family Medical Centre
  • Ashley Montgomery, RN, Medicine D ACE
  • Ashley Percival, Nurse Case Manager, Ambulatory Mental Health
  • Jennifer Petersen, RN, Medicine A Palliative
  • Elizabeth Phoenix, NP, Adult Eating Disorder Clinic
  • Joanna Pietruszewska, RPN, Medicine A Palliative
  • Patsy Ste. Marie, RN, Multi Organ Transplant Unit
  • Justine Ting, RN, Medicine A SAMU/Palliative
  • Rita VandeBovenkamp, RN, Medicine A Palliative
  • Betty Ann Wilson, RN, Renal
  • Hannah Yassine, RN, B6-200 Paediatrics

Nursing Team
This award is presented to a nursing team that:

  • Functions as one team committed to the needs of patients, their families and one another
  • Works collaboratively to achieve a group result
  • Values and trusts members of the team regardless of position, experience, or title
  • Celebrates the successes of others and supports those on the team who are in need

UH recipient – Cardiac Surgery Operating Room Nursing Team
VH recipient – Orthopaedic Clinic

  • Lori Harwood and Barbara Wilson, Nurse Practitioners, Regional Renal Program
  • Hemodialysis Team UH
  • Anthony Jijomom, RN, CCU
  • Joanne Lawniczak, RN Regional Renal Program-Adam Linton Dialysis Unit
  • Obstetrical Care Unit

Point-of Care – Leadership
This award is presented to a nursing leader who:

  • Demonstrates the ability to inspire others to take action
  • Leads, supports and sustains change
  • Builds relationships and trust
  • Listens without judgment or criticism
  • Advocates for patients, families and other point-of-care providers

UH recipient – Ty Fieldhouse, Charge Nurse, CCU
VH recipient – Neil McBride, RN, PCCU

  • Heather Ashton, RN, Vascular/Cardiology
  • Lisa Coutts, RN, C5 Surgical Care
  • Donna Esbaugh, RN, Vascular Cardiology
  • Adrienne Fulford, NP, Oncology
  • Ashley Hogan, Coordinator, Medicine Acute Care of Elderly and Palliative Care Unit
  • Joanne Lawncizak, RN, Renal Dialysis
  • Lindsay McEllister, RN, Adult Inpatient Mental Health
  • Laureen Plommer, RN, Clinical Educator LRCP
  • Amanda Roesner, RN, Medicine D ACE
  • Riley Thompson, RN, Vascular Cardiology

Integrating Technology into Practice
This award is presented to an individual nurse or nursing team that:

  • Champions the use of new technologies to students and colleagues
  • Uses new technology in a manner that enhances patient-centred care, professional goals, and corporate initiatives
  • Offers coaching and mentoring to colleagues to boost the confidence and adoption of technology
  • Has made a significant contribution to nursing education through the use of new technology

VH recipient – Children’s Emergency Department—Winner

Outstanding Preceptor
This award is presented to a nurse that:

  • Champions evidence-based practice and client-centred approach to practice
  • Fosters and values a learning culture and environment
  • Teaches and promotes/role models clinical reasoning, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Applies effective communication, interpersonal and conflict management skills to foster collaboration

UH recipient – Marianne Martin, RN, 4th Floor Medicine
VH recipient – Katelyn Geerlinks, RPN, Medicine A SAMU/Palliative

  • Tammy Epple, RN, B6-200 Paediatrics
  • Michael Kasule, RN, Vascular Cardiology
  • Laura Morgan, RN, Medicine D ACE
  • Lisseth Reyes, RN, Children’s Emergency Department
  • Amanda Walsh, RN, ICU