Celebrating Nursing Week: Nursing Resource Unit

May 8, 2012

When you have a need for a nurse to cover a shift based on patient acuity, replacement for sick time, vacation relief or other vacancies, 'who you gonna call?'

Nursing Resource Unit!

The Nursing Resource Unit or NRU is a virtual unit at LHSC that is made up of over 120 full time nurses who work across various units at  LHSC.  

The NRU provides greater scheduling flexibility; ensuring appropriate nursing resources are available to meet the fluctuating needs of units at LHSC.   The NRU provides nurses with an alternative career opportunity and provides an optimal entry and learning environment to newly graduated nurses. It also provides greater opportunity for LHSC to recruit more nurses into full-time positions.

“It provides a unique opportunity for nurses to practice in a variety of settings,” says Sandra Quin, Manager of Nursing Resource Unit.  “Nurses keep up with best practices and continuously learn new skills working in different areas each shift.”

A nurse working with the NRU is caring for different patient groups each shift and therefore they become much more adaptable to working in different environments.  In addition, they learn to develop their assertiveness communication skills as they are not as familiar with the various environments they work in.  

The NRU is currently in the beginning phase of embarking on a research study to investigate which units at LHSC have a healthier workplace environment.   Their research study will look at what are the elements that make a unit a favored place to work.  The NRU are in the perfect position to do this comparison as they work on many different units.   This initiative emerged through the Continuous Quality Improvement Council.   

Happy nursing week to all LHSC nurses including those who work in the NRU.