City of London’s Community Information Meeting - Old Victoria Hospital Secondary Plan

The City of London is undertaking the preparation of Old Victoria Hospital Secondary Plan. The boundary for the Secondary Plan has been conceptually defined during the June 2011 SoHo Community Improvement Plan (CIP) community consultation process.

One of the key implementation strategies that came out of the SoHo Community Improvement Plan (“CIP”) was the establishment of a more detailed plan devoted to the redevelopment of the Old Victoria Hospital lands. The City of London is now prepared to embark in the fulfillment of this key implementation strategy by initiating the Old Victoria Hospital Secondary Plan.

The Notice of Community Meeting [PDF] invites you to participate in the development of this Secondary Plan:

Date: January 30, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Location: 375 South Street (Main Building), 2nd Floor, Room C240 (Busby Room)

Representatives from the City of London and professional planning consultants retained by the City will be presenting information regarding the Secondary Plan and answering questions from the public.

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting is a community meeting which the City’s Planning Department at times convenes when in the opinion of the Managing Director, Planning and City Planner the community should have a further opportunity to obtain information regarding a planning application. There will be a future public participation meeting required under the Planning Act, held at the Planning and Environment Committee, which will give you another opportunity to comment on the planning application.