cSWO Technical Architect – Full-time

cSWO Project


The Province of Ontario has the objective of creating an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) by 2015 for the residents of Ontario.  The EHR will ensure that the patient's health information is made accessible in a timely, secure fashion at any point of service in the health care system.  The EHR will also improve the quality of care,  the sustainability of the health system, enhance planning and decision support, and reduce wait times.  To meet this objective, eHealth has created three clusters in Ontario that will be working in parallel on complimentary priorities to meet this objective: connecting North East Ontario (cNEO), connecting Greater Toronto Area (cGTA), and connecting South West Ontario (cSWO). 


The cSWO project's goal is to plan, establish, and deploy an EHR Program for South West Ontario which will provide Health Service Providers and care givers timely access to electronic health information across the continuum of care, throughout the cluster, and will align with Ontario's eHealth Blueprint and standards.  London Health Sciences Centre's relationship with respect to the cSWO Project will be in terms of EHR Program Management.


The Technical Architect will provide technical guidance for the design, development, implementation and operations/sustainability of all technology-enabled products and services within the Connecting South West Ontario (cSWO) Electronic Health Record (EHR) Program.  In this role, the Technical Architect will interact with hundreds of individuals and provide leadership and direction to multiple Program Delivery Partners, Health Service Providers, and stakeholders involving multiple organizations across the continuum of care and throughout the four (4) SWO LHINs.


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