Dr. John Denstedt appointed to the American Urological Association Board

June 4, 2013


Dr. John Denstedt, Chair/Chief of the Department of Surgery, LHSC has joined the Board of Directors of the American Urological Association (AUA), becoming only the third Canadian board member in its 111 year history.  The AUA has more than 20,000 members worldwide.  Its mission is to promote the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research and in the formulation of health care policy.


Dr. Denstedt has been a member of the AUA since 1991. He is a member of the Northeastern Section of the AUA, where he served as Treasurer and President. Currently, Dr. Denstedt is a member of the AUA's Nominating Committee and Judicial & Ethics Committee, among others. He will serve a four year term on the Board of Directors.


Dr. John Denstedt


“It is a privilege to be appointed to the Board of the AUA, and I know that I will take away as much as I put into it. I particularly look forward to contributing to the education and research mandates of the association, and sharing my experience with members from around the world for the purpose of advancing the organization”, said Dr. Denstedt.


His clinical practice at St. Joseph's Health Care London and London Health Sciences Centre is primarily in endourology, with research interests in urolithiasis, biofilms, lasers and minimally invasive techniques in urology.


In 1998, Dr. Denstedt became the first Canadian to win one of the AUA's highest honors, the Gold Cystoscope Award.


We congratulate Dr. Denstedt on this appointment.