Improving pedestrian safety

May 16, 2018

LHSC’s Injury Prevention program joined London Police, Middlesex-London Health Unit, City of London and Ministry of Transportation officials recently to remind Londoners to yield the roadway to pedestrians at pedestrian crossovers. Tony the Street-Wise Cat was on hand at Stoneybook Public School to help educate Grade 3 and 4 students on the proper use of these pedestrian walkways.

“London has over 80 marked pedestrian crossovers which legally give pedestrians the right of way,” said Jane Edwards, LHSC Injury Prevention Specialist. “However, we know that everyone plays a role in creating a safe situation for crossing, so we want to do our part in reminding Londoners of all ages how to be safe on our streets.”

Each year, LHSC sees close to 50 severe injuries involving pedestrians, and that number continues to rise. While the painted road markings and crosswalk signs are meant to alert drivers to the potential for pedestrians in the area, it’s still important for pedestrians to ensure the way is safe before proceeding.

“Even one injury is too many,” said Edwards. “Drivers need to be prepared for pedestrians when they see a crossover ahead. That goes for cyclists as well. Slow down and make sure there isn’t a pedestrian preparing to step away from the curb. Pedestrians need to do their part in ensuring drivers see them too. Stop – make eye contact – be sure the driver has come to a complete stop before you start to cross. By taking that extra second or two for safety, we can drastically reduce the number of injuries sustained each year in pedestrian collisions”.

To help spread the message of pedestrian safety, the London Middlesex Road Safety Committee has developed two videos teaching pedestrians, cyclists and drivers how to properly use crosswalks.