In London theatres now – “Distracted Driving - Josh’s Story”

December 23, 2014

Until January 3, 2015, a cinematic trailer of “Distracted Driving - Josh’s Story” is playing at all London Cineplex theatres to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. The video - “Distracted Driving - Josh’s Story” – focuses on the impact that one moment of distraction still has on Josh’s family, friends and a community four years after Josh was tragically killed in a motor vehicle collision.

The video was created by London Health Sciences Centre's Trauma Program and Children’s Health Foundation, in partnership with the Josh Field Support Network, a non-profit, family based organization. Normally, the video is shown during Impact presentations to grade 11 students in London and the surrounding area to provide a personal and relevant experience about the consequences of distracted driving. 

The trailer has been playing in Cineplex theatres since the end of November as part of the London Road Safety Strategy “Buckle Up, Phone Down” campaign. Complete with its own hash tag, #PhoneDownLdn, the initiative aims to bring awareness to distracted driving and is organized by the London Middlesex Road Safety Committee.

“Since 2010, 403 people have lost their lives to distracted driving in Ontario,” says Jane Harrington, injury prevention specialist, LHSC, and co-chair of the London Middlesex Road Safety. “The London Middlesex Road Safety Committee is working to reduce fatal collisions by 10 per cent in London and Middlesex County over the next 5 years and it is our hope that Josh’s Story will help raise awareness and save lives.”

The committee includes the LHSC’s Trauma Program, Middlesex London Health Unit, Ministry of Transportation, City of London, County of Middlesex, London Police Services, OPP, Fanshawe College, Western University’s Police Services, London Block Parent and the Josh Field Support Network. All partners work collaboratively to decrease traffic related fatalities and injuries in London and Middlesex.

Image of trailer in theater
Capture of the cinematic trailer of "Distracted Driving - Josh's Story" playing at London Cineplex theatres.