Influenza A at Victoria Hospital

November 28, 2012

An Alert Level Two/Outbreak has been called for Influenza A on D5-300, ACE (Acute Care of the Elderly) Unit at Victoria Hospital.

An Alert Level Two/Outbreak is when there are two or more cases of hospital acquired influenza on a specific unit, where the patients have been in hospital care for more than 72 hours. As of Tuesday evening, there were two positive patients on the unit and three with respiratory symptoms.  

Patients with Influenza A have been placed in private rooms or are in a room with another patient who is positive. Alert Level Two/Outbreak signs have been placed on the unit, and information has been provided for families and visitors. Environmental service workers are cleaning the rooms on the units twice daily. No new patients are currently being admitted to the unit.

“We are continuing with measures to prevent further transmission of Influenza A amongst our patients,” says Dr. Michael John, Medical Director, Infection Prevention & Control. “Our primary concern is always the health and well-being of our patients, and we ask that family or visitors do not come to the hospital if they themselves are feeling unwell.”

In collaboration with the Middlesex-London Health Unit these cases have been reported as an outbreak, utilizing the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s criteria for public reporting.