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LHSC Doctor Contributes to First-Ever Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease

July 25, 2012

Dr. Mandar Joh
Dr. Mandar Jog, Director, National Parkinson Foundation Centre of Excellence, London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), coauthored the first Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease with other leading Canadian movement disorder specialists and neurologists.

“Guidelines exist in the United States of America, Britain and throughout Europe, but we have tailored the approach for diagnosing and treating Parkinson’s Disease for the Canadian population,” says Dr. Jog.

The Canadian Guidelines include 84 recommendations for motor and non-motor symptoms and management.  Dr. Jog’s contribution examines the areas of weight loss, swallowing difficulties, bowel and urinary function, and their treatments.

Because Parkinson’s Disease has no cure, management of the disease is essential and should be tailored to the specific issues facing every patient. “The goal is to create a consistent approach to manage the disease for Canadian patients with a focus on the way they function in daily life,” continues Dr. Jog.

The Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson’s Disease were published in the July issue of the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences. The Guidelines have been endorsed by the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation and Parkinson Society Canada.

To view and download copies of the full guidelines, summary and reference guide in English, visit www.parkinsonclinicalguidelines.ca or French visit www.parkinsonguideclinique.ca.