LHSC hosts SoHo Community Open House

January 10, 2014

LHSC was pleased to welcome neighbours of the SoHo community (“south of Horton”) to an open house where they learned more about the demolition plans for the old South Street Hospital (SSH) and adjacent buildings.


Common questions included how the buildings would actually be taken down, what the timelines for demolition are, and what the City of London plans for the future of the lands.


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions document (PDF) about the SSH demolition. You can visit the South Street Hospital Decommissioning website section where updated information will be posted about the demolition, including a contact line the community can call with questions, comments and concerns.

Shot of the open house by London Community News

Residents of the SoHo neighbourhood (south of Horton) in London visited LHSC’s open house for the demolition/decommissioning of the former South Street Hospital building. Photo credit: London Community News


Shot of open house by London Community News

From left: Al Serpa (Projects Coordinator) Dipesh Patel (VP of Facilities Management), Tony LaRocca (VP of Community & Stakeholder Relations), and resident Wayne Salisbury. Photo credit: London Community News