LHSC in motion with Middlesex- London

October 3, 2014

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is joining the Middlesex-London in motion challenge throughout October, which is Healthy Workplace Month. In motion is a 31 day fitness challenge for anyone living in London and Middlesex designed to create a healthier community.

“Through LHSC’s Fitness Program we actively promote the idea that fitness can be integrated seamlessly with our lives to our staff,” says Susan Rosato, Fitness Nurse, LHSC. Those who sign up for in motion can do so as individuals or hospital staff can join the LHSC team and contribute to the team’s total minutes of physical activity. “We are proud to join our community and hope to be a big contributor to the goal of over 2 million minutes of physical activity in our community.”

LHSC’s Fitness Program is a very unique workplace wellness offering featuring weekday activities that include noon-hour walking programs as well as indoor and outdoor group exercise classes and a running program at all three hospital sites. All programs are 30 minutes in length and free for employees. “We remind staff to take care of themselves so that they can take care of others,” says Rosato. In previous years, the Fitness Program has helped LHSC earn two Excellence Canada Certificates of Merit for participation in Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month®. “Focusing on our wellness can improve our workplace environment.”

Physical activity minutes towards the in motion goal do not need to take place in the gym or a fitness class. Walking, biking, rowing, sports, weightlifting and even gardening are all activities that can be tracked. Physical activity can be recorded by using the in motion Community Challenge App on IPhones or a paper tracking tool downloaded from inmotion4life.ca.

“A community working together towards healthy goals is inspiring,” says Rosato. “A  healthy London is good for everyone, including LHSC.”