LHSC marks National Injury Prevention Day green

July 5, 2017

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is marking National Injury Prevention Day by lighting its Victoria Hospital B Tower interior atrium green on July 5, 2017.

LHSC joins major landmarks across Canada, such as the CN Tower, the Peace Bridge and Vancouver City Hall, as well as local sites, such as the Fountain at the Forks in London, which are also lighting their structures green. 

The goal of National Injury Prevention Day is to raise awareness of preventable injuries and help Canadians live long, full lives.

The number one cause of death for people ages 1-44 is preventable injury. In fact, between those ages injury causes more death than all other causes combined. In collaboration with Parachute Canada, LHSC will join in the effort to raise awareness about preventable injuries.

As the regional Lead Trauma Centre for Southwest Ontario, LHSC treats those most severely injured and often the injuries are both preventable and predictable. 

During the summer there is a remarkable increase in the number of traumatic injuries. 

In the summer of 2016, LHSC treated 336 patients for traumatic injuries:

  • About 65 per cent of trauma patients were male
  • July was the month of peak injuries with 107 severe trauma patients

About half of all trauma patient injuries are the result of a motor vehicle collision. 

“Distracted driving is the leading cause of driving fatalities across Canada and it is entirely preventable,” says Brandon Batey, LHSC Injury Prevention Specialist. 

“Distracted driving is not only talking and texting on a cellphone. It also includes eating while driving, changing the radio station – basically anything that takes your mind, eyes, or hands away from the task of driving increases the risk of a crash.”

Of the many other preventable traumatic injuries seen in the trauma unit last summer, injuries due to falls from heights accounted for 22 per cent and injuries involving all-terrain vehicles made up seven per cent.