LHSC Physician receives Canadian Certified Physician Executive Designation

May 15, 2012

Dr. Andrea Lum
The Canadian Certified Physician Executive Program (CCPE) is a new designation program aimed at physicians who are in senior management and executive positions and who have a passion for leadership. This Canadian credential was designed to recognize those who have acquired significant leadership, demonstrated leadership excellence and to help prepare those who aspire to leadership roles.

Congratulations to Dr. Andrea Lum who is one of 32 physicians to receive this designation in 2012 and one of 61 in the country to have this credential.

Since Dr. Lum’s arrival in London in 2000, she has been actively engaged in leadership roles within Western’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, LHSC and St. Joseph's.   As program director for the Diagnostic Radiology Program (2001-2003) she became involved with postgraduate medical education and has been director of abdominal imaging for radiology resident training at Victoria Hospital since 2005. Most recently, she was medical leader for abdominal imaging CT, ultrasound and MRI. In June 2008, Dr. Lum was again recognized by her trainees with the Resident's Choice Award for her outstanding commitment to radiology education, Department of Medical Imaging, Western Universtiy.

In 2009, Dr. Lum was appointed chair, Department of Medical Imaging. In a short period, she has implemented a number of positive changes in the areas of education and professional staff development. She has also formalized the leadership and membership of key department-level committees. Dr. Lum is actively engaged in reviewing and implementing administrative and governance changes within the Department of Medical Imaging with a focus on building on the strengths and contributions of faculty and staff.

In addition to her academic role, Dr. Lum was appointed the first city-wide chief, Departments of Diagnostic Radiology at LHSC and St. Joseph's on Jan. 1, 2011. She continues to foster academic and clinical administrative leadership to include the LHINs through her role on the Diagnostic Imaging Action Team for LHIN 2 as well as participating in continued hospital administrative leadership as the interim vice chair, Medical Advisory Committee at LHSC effective Feb. 1, 2012.

Together with her divisional chair of imaging sciences, Dr. Lum has developed imaging research at Robarts Institute at Western and is on the steering committee of Biomedical Imaging Research Centre, which was announced as a key initiative at the university this year. Her interest in education and research in education has expanded to the development of education symposium integrated with research at their annual London Imaging Discovery. She continues to collaborate with her academic and clinical peers at Western as a member of CSTAR Education committee as well as with her radiology peers as part of CHAR - Canadian Heads of Academic Radiology affiliated with the Canadian Association of Radiologists.

“Dr. Lum’s track record demonstrates her passion and commitment along with her success as a leader,” comments Dr. Robin Walker, integrated vice president of medical affairs, LHSC and St. Joseph’s, “this designation affirms that she is among the best in physician leadership in the country .Congratulations to Dr. Lum for achieving this honour.”

Receiving her CCPE certification this year was Dr. Lum’s personal goal as a leader.  She is grateful for the support of the Dean Michael Strong, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and Dr. Robin Walker,  integrated vice president of medical affairs, LHSC and St. Joseph’s, members of the Department of Medical Imaging, leadership colleagues, her spouse Dr. Witek Zaleski and children, Andrew and Jenna.