LHSC Physiotherapy Service hosts Lower Extremity Symposium

May is National Physiotherapy Month, and London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) marked the occasion by hosting a Lower Extremity Symposium for over 165 participants from LHSC, regional hospitals, community based clinics and home-care agencies from across Ontario. The conference was organized by the Orthopaedic Physiotherapy team at UH, and featured topics ranged from return to sport following total joint arthroplasty, guidelines on exercise post-arthroplasty  for patients with chronic disease, community based resources available to patients and clinicians  and LHSC's electronic patient education resources. 

“Our hope in planning the symposium was that participants would leave the day with enhanced knowledge around current best practices in the management of patients following joint replacement, from the surgical and physiotherapy perspectives,” said LHSC physiotherapist and symposium organizer Carolyn Jaeger. “We also wanted to give our staff the opportunity to network with community partners, and share experiences and ideas.”

LHSC’s Physiotherapy Service has over 100 staff (full-time, part-time and casual) who work throughout the hospital, in a variety of clinical settings. 

Symposium organizers prepare for a full day of learning and sharing

Symposium organizers prepare for a full day of learning and sharing

“The scope of the physiotherapy service at LHSC is broad, and encompasses a diverse range of patient populations and conditions,” said Monique Prendergast, Manager of Physiotherapy Practice. “Physiotherapy staff work in partnership with our patients to optimize their physical function whether that means working with them pre or post-surgery, or when they are recovering from illness, injury or chronic disease. Physiotherapy staff play an integral role in preventing functional decline while in hospital and facilitating safe discharge.”

The symposium – the 4th organized by the Orthopaedic Physiotherapy team in recent years – was just one opportunity for staff development this month. Stephen Patton, President of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association gave a presentation to LHSC physiotherapy staff members, and at the end of the month, staff will participate in a half-day retreat focused on quality and patient safety. 

“The team of physiotherapy professionals we have at LHSC are an incredibly dedicated group, committed to providing the best care possible. There is physiotherapy coverage at LHSC 365 days a year with staff providing quality, patient-centred care aimed at ensuring our patients leave the hospital safely, and with a plan for improving their functional recovery,” said Prendergast.  “It’s wonderful that during the month of May, we have the opportunity to share the important work they do, and thank them for their effort”.