LHSC smoke-free for four months

November 1, 2016

It has been four months since LHSC’s Smoke-Free Environment Policy took effect on June 30. In compliance with changes to the Smoke Free Ontario Act, staff, physicians, patients and visitors must now move off hospital property to smoke.

LHSC continues to see relatively strong compliance rates with this policy. However, with the snowy winter months soon approaching we recognize it may be more difficult and less enticing for people to leave hospital property to smoke. To help ensure continued compliance with this policy through the snowy winter months, improved walkways are being installed at Victoria Hospital (across from Zone B entrance to Baseline Rd.) and our groundskeeping partners will work to ensure pathways at all sites remain accessible for all those needing to leave hospital property to smoke.

Since LHSC’s smoke-free policy took effect there have been a few changes in response to the influx of smokers moving off hospital property including the movement of some benches, the construction of a fence along Baseline Road at VH and the installation of additional trash and cigarette butt receptacles. In addition, there was the creation of Western University’s “Clear Air Corridor” to the south of University Hospital which means smokers can no longer move to Western University property to smoke.

Thank you to everyone for you cooperation and commitment to helping ensure a safe and healthy environment for those who receive care, work in, or visit our facilities. For more information about this policy, including smoking cessation resources, please visit the Smoke-Free at LHSC website.