LHSC staff members join together for ALS research

October 23, 2014

Employees from the Food Services department, past and present, met on Sept. 27 at Springbank Park to participate in the 5km Walk for ALS.

Earlier this year a fellow Food Service staff member was diagnosed with ALS. In response, Lyndlay McAlpine, Food Services, took the initiative to rally her colleagues to join the Walk for ALS.  Kelley Schiefele, porter, ordered team shirts, and Selena Rossi, Food Services administrative assistant, made signs and helped to promote the event.  Rob McClinchey, porter, and Darryl Deller, Food Services, raised further awareness by participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Even though the initiative was spearheaded by a Food Services staff member, support came from porters, SSWs, ESWs, clinical nutrition staff, former food services staff and summer students, and others throughout LHSC, as well as from external partners.

“The group came together to show their support for a co-worker, and the relationships formed at work made this very heartwarming event possible,” says Yoli Jakus, Manager Operations, Food Services.  The funds raised will benefit the ALS community in London, including LHSC’s motor neuron disease (MND) team.

In total, the LHSC team "PJ's Trekkers - Team Kennedy" raised over $7,300.

Jakus says, “I am proud to be part of the LHSC community. I was proud to have participated in the Walk for ALS, and to be part of such a caring team.”

LHSC employees gather at Springbank Park for the Walk for ALS
LHSC employees gather at Springbank Park for the Walk for ALS.