London Health Sciences Centre designated as Canada’s national training centre for robotic surgery

January 30, 2013

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is proud to have been selected by Intuitive Surgical Inc. – manufacturer of the world’s most sophisticated and widely used surgical robot, the da Vinci Surgical System - as the exclusive training centre for robotic surgery in Canada. The training centre will be an integral component of LHSC’s innovative Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics (CSTAR) program, known for both its pioneering work in research and development of robotic surgical technologies and its expertise in delivering high quality simulation training for surgeons and other allied healthcare providers.

“Earning the designation as Canada’s sole training centre for robotic surgery is a tremendous honour for LHSC and reinforces our position as a world-class centre for surgical innovation and research,” said Bonnie Adamson, President and CEO of LHSC. “The depth of experience and talent that resides within our CSTAR program will now be leveraged to train surgeons from across Canada in the use of the newest generation da Vinci Surgical System.  Most importantly, as a result of this training, patients from coast to coast will have more access to minimally invasive procedures, which inevitably will lead to better patient outcomes.”

LHSC has recently acquired two state-of-the-art da Vinci Si robotic systems. The nationaltraining centre at LHSC will continue to move CSTAR forward in its mission to improve the safety and quality of patient care through surgical innovation.

“With the addition of the two new da Vinci Si systems, we look forward to expanding our nation-leading breadth of robotic surgical practice into new areas for our hospital, such as thoracic, transplant and paediatric surgery,” said Dr. Christopher Schlachta, Medical Director for CSTAR. “It is critical that CSTAR continues to pioneer innovations in medical technology and apply them at the bedside to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality care we can provide.”

A vital component of this innovation will be a robust evaluation of the role of robotic technology in surgery, through the ongoing evaluation of clinical effectiveness and cost-efficiency. These findings will be used to help to inform practitioners and policy makers on the efficacy of this technology to ensure that robotic innovation is applied where its results are most effective in improving patient outcomes in Canadian, and indeed global healthcare delivery.

“Given CSTAR’s proven contributions to the advancement of robotic surgery techniques and patient outcomes, LHSC was a natural choice as the Canadian training centre for robotic surgery. LHSC’s CSTAR program has a legacy of innovation in robotic surgery, with many Canadian and world firsts. Their depth of talent, world class simulation facilities and proven expertise are a welcome addition to our global training network, and will no doubt help advance robotic innovation and quality patient outcomes in Canada,” said Vanessa Owens, Director of Sales for Intuitive Surgical Inc.

Intuitive Surgical Inc. is the global technology leader in minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery. The Company's da Vinci Surgical System offers surgeons superior 3D HD visualization, enhanced dexterity, greater precision and control, as well as ergonomic comfort for the optimal performance of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The da Vinci System allows surgeons to perform even complex procedures, like heart valve and cancer surgery, through 1–2 cm incisions.

Watch coverage by CTV London's Nick Paparella: London Health Sciences Centre designated as Canada's national training centre for robotic surgery.

In front of da Vinci Si robotic system
From right, Danny Minogue, President and CEO, Minogue Medical Inc., Carol Mackin-Uecker, Training Director, Intuitive Surgical Inc., Bonnie Adamson, President and CEO, LHSC and Dr. Christopher Schlachta, Medical Director, CSTAR announce LHSC as a national training centre for robotic surgery in front of one of two recently acquired two state-of-the-art da Vinci Si robotic systems.