Making an Impact online

June 7, 2016

A new Impact program website has been launched by London Health Sciences Centre’s Trauma Program, with support from Children’s Health Foundation, to expand the education they receive about the dangers of high-risk behavior in-school and in-hospital. 

Impact (Informing teens. Preventing injuries) is an in-school and in-hospital presentation by the staff of London Health Science’s Centre’s Injury Prevention Team and in partnership with London Police Services, Middlesex-London EMS, Thames Valley District School Board, and St. Joseph’s Health Care London. The presentation is designed to teach grade 11 students about the social, economic and health outcomes of risk-taking behaviours. 

“For over 25 years, Impact has been evolving with the needs of our audience. What started as a program to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving now also includes distracted driving, partying, marijuana use, prescription drugs and self-harm,” says Brandon Batey, Injury prevention Specialist, LHSC. “Before developing the website we held focus groups with teens and what they wanted were first-hand stories from their peers about the consequences of high-risk behavior and modern design.” 

The Injury Prevention Team will be recruiting teens to share their stories and create website content with students receiving community service hours in return.  “The website design was inspired by a combination of artwork presented to us by teens and the intent of our content is to be ‘for teens by teens,’” adds Batey. 

Teen generated content will be bolstered by infographics, resources, crisis support contact information, and videos. 

To date, Impact has reached over 10,000 students in-hospital and over 22,000 students in-schools.