New backup power generators ensure the continued care and comfort of patients at University Hospital

February 8, 2013

New backup power generators will ensure vital patient care equipment will keep running and patients will remain comfortable through power disruptions at LHSC’s University Hospital.

“Maintaining power in adverse conditions is essential to the important life-saving work happening in our hospitals,” says Phil Renaud, director, facilities engineering, LHSC. “With our patients in mind, we needed to ensure that we had backup capacity to maintain care and keep up with the demands of the building.”

The $14 million backup generators took two years to install and it could not have been possible without the cooperation of Facilities Planning and Engineering and clinical staff to ensure the system worked effectively. “Clinical areas were instrumental in helping us test the capacity of the new generators and continued to work through numerous disruptions of normal and emergency power,” adds Renaud.

The new backup generators have the capacity to keep up with the growing demands of the building, especially as advanced technical equipment can require more power to operate. The backup generators can produce 6 megawatts of power – enough to power a small town and can be run for three days continually before there fuel tanks need to be filled.

In the event of a significant power outage everything including the elevators and air conditioning systems at University Hospital will be operational. “In a power outage the most vital services will receive backup power first, then within seconds power will be restored to the remainder of the facility,” explains Renaud.

Backup power generator